Leading professional DDoS tool for individual customers and an API provider for the best IP stressers/booters and DDoS-services.

Why choose us?

NStresser has been completely re-vamped. We are now utilizing premium 10Gbps servers for flooding via a nodejs backend which runs via PM2 process manager, ensuring attacks are delivered and stopped nearly instantly. This entire system is constantly monitored to ensure it's functionality.

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How it Works

Best Features

Security and Privacy

No personal identifiable information is stored, all data is encrypted and every aspect of the site has been designed with security in mind. So rest easy knowing you're secure.

Robust Attack System

We utilize high bandwidth servers with a custom coded NodeJS backend running in pm2 process manager. This ensures that all tests and stop requests are sent almost instantly.

Fully Automatic System

Everything is designed so you can get started stress testing without any human interaction or need to contact support teams, simply sign up and browse our plans.

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