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Intuitive design

Our IP stresser has been developed to be quick and smooth to use.


We support many secure forms of payment and there all automatic.


We ensure you a perfect uptime and stability at all times of day and night.


For your security, All logs are highly encrypted.


All the test are sent using IP Spoofing technology.

Dedicated power

Every test is backed by dedicated servers to insure stability.

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Active and Helpful Support

We provide customer support 24/7 by ticket and live support if you have any issue with the IP stresser service.

The best IP Stresser / Booter

With over 80 custom methods we're the best IP stresser you can find in 2021, we also feature FREE STRESSER MODE!

Powerful IP Stressing

Take down your targets with ease, no weak floods, always constant power.

Region Bypass Panel

Bypass IP GEO / Region based restrictions with ease. We are one of the only sites with a working Geo-bypass.

API Service

Ever wanted to run your own IP stresser? Utilize our API services to provide your customers with a powerful network.

About Us

We are a legal ip stresser / booter, by registering to our booter client, you will be able to use the ip stresser / ip booter for free.

Some features may be premium only !

Want to know why our company is the best on the market ? It's very simple!

We works with professional developers who work 24/7 to provide unique and new methods of bypass for layer7 and layer4 attack.

What Layer 4 and Layer 7 mean ?

The layer 4 will allow you to stress test your dedicated server, game server, home ip address (IPv4 ex: You will be able to send strong ip stressing attacks with lots of Gbit using different protocol like amplification, raw tcp or udp.

The layer 7 will allow you to attack your web application like your websites. You will be able to send strong web attacks with lots of requests per seconds using different bypass methods such as cloudflare, sucuri, ddos-guard etc.

By providing this we are sure that you have the best ip booter system to try any kind of application with any protection !

Why use this website and not another webstresser ?

First of all RoyalStresser is one of the first legal ddos for hire service. We will always work to try all breach on your service to be sure a hacker will not be able to take down your service with another illegal website.

Why you should test your service (website, servers) ?

- DDoS attacks is something very common on year 2000.

- Many hackers or competitors will try to take down your service using ip stresser, ip booter or webstresser.

- This will give downtime to your service and put it inaccessible to your customers !

With our website we provide this kind of attack to be sure you can handle them with your services and never fall down!

Our website is the best you can find in the IP stresser / ip booter market.


$10 / Week

This is a perfect plan for beginner with low knowledge.

    400 Sec Stress time
    1 Concurrent
    Api Access: NO
    Normal Network: YES
    Vip Network: NO
    Premium Network: NO
    1 Week

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$85 / Month

This plan is ideal for advanced users with basic needs.

    1800 Sec Stress time
    3 Concurrent
    Api Access: YES
    Normal Network: YES
    Vip Network: YES
    Premium Network: NO
    1 Month

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$850 / Month

Take this plan if you need stronger power ideal for owners.

    5400 Sec Stress time
    20 Concurrent
    Api Access: YES
    Normal Network: YES
    Vip Network: YES
    Premium Network: YES
    1 Month

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*The power mentioned is for the whole plan and not per concurrent, we cannot guarantee the output as it depends on the protocol used.

*All sales are final, no refund will be provided after payment.


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Support availability

The customer service is available 24/7 by ticket.

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RoyalStresser LLC

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